Latino Theatre Initiatives contracted me to design backdrops for their play, "Little Big Top: Circus of Illusions". Here are the descriptions I was given for reference, followed by my process into designing them and the final illustrations.

"CONSTELLATIONS IN THE NIGHT SKY" -- constellations of stars on a black sky -- the stars can be of various sizes -- maybe some constellations that aren't too real, maybe a constellation of a Mexican sombrero or a trumpet or violin or a snake or a boot.  Maybe a meteor is zooming by, maybe the moon is a sliver -- it should a gorgeous night sky (MOSTLY BLACK) and full of mystery and stars --  but also a bit fun, child-like and somewhat Latino and Mexican.
"THE SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE ... ARE THE BEST" -- primitive-childish depictions of simple things that make you smile and feel happy -- a donkey, a rabbit, a baby, a feather, a kite, a rainbow, a paleta, a toy boat, a smile, flowers, the sun, a lollipop, a banana, etc. -- little things that bring people happiness-- child-like, with a Mexican touch
Thank you.

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